Q: Who are you and how secure is your site?
A: GasMobile is the brainchild of three Montreal-based entrepreneurs. Their aim is to bring a service to clients that will help individuals save money on an ever-decreasing commodity-gas. No oil company or lobby group controls our service and we are not compensated or influenced by any of them. Our databases are completely secure and our SSL secure server is monitored 24h/7. All payment transactions are made through Paypal renowned for its security and high encryption.

Q: Why do gas prices change so often?
A: Gas companies have to deal with constant fluctuations in the wholesale acquisition cost of crude oil. The cost of crude oil varies depending on numerous factors, one of them being world supply and demand. In time, this lower/higher cost value is reflected at the pump accordingly.

Q: What are the benefits of your service?
A: Currently many of us still rely on our cars for commuting or to make our livelihood, which means that fuel consumption is a large expense. Subscribers can save various amounts based on their usage, car type and gas price increase. None of us wishes to pay more than we have to for a product or feel like they missed out on a deal. In an area as volatile as gas prices, the edge GasMobile can provide to you will make a difference to your personal bottom line.

Q: I've signed up but I didn't receive a text alert when there was an increase. Why is that?
A: There may be instances when a user is out of reach, out of coverage, in an area that may have bad reception or had a brief interruption of signal. These are all factors that can affect the receipt of a text message.

Q: Can I stop receiving these text alerts after opting in?
A: Yes. All you have to do is send an email to signup@gasmobile.caand ask to be removed from the subscriber's list. Please put CANCELLATION in the subject line so that we may direct your request appropriately.

Q: Will I be charged for joining the GasMobile Gas Alert program?
A: GasMobile is offering the Gas Alert service to its subscribers for a flat rate of 1.99CAN, billed to you monthly. However, you can continue to receive free subscription as long as you refer someone; for each friend referred, you receive a FREE month. Note that you may incur standard text messaging usage fees based on the terms and conditions associated with your wireless carrier plan. Please contact your carrier for specific information relating to your plan.

Q: How much can I expect to save with the GasMobile Gas Alert service?
A: Use our savings calculator to see how much you could save using this service:

Enter your car's fuel tank capacity: liters
Enter the number of times you fill up a month: times
Estimated average price increase:
(0.09 is average)
Savings generated thanks to GasMobile: $CAN/month

Q: Why do you only offer your service to the region of Montreal?
A: At the moment, we are only able to monitor gas prices in the Montreal region. However, as a growing business, GasMobile does plan to launch their services across Canada in the near future. If you would like your city or region considered in our expansion, please email usimmediately.

Q: Will I receive an alert every time gas prices change?
A: No, the Gas Alert service is designed to alert subscribers only when gas prices increase.

Q: Will I receive an alert every time there is an increase ?
A: GasMobile's goal in establishing the Gas Alert service is for us to send a text alert informing you of a price increase happening in your area as often and as quickly as possible.

Q: Who are the wireless carriers currently supporting this service?
A: All carriers have the network capacity to handle the reception of text alerts. In addition, most carriers will not charge for incoming TXT/SMS messages. However, we ask you to please verify with your carrier for specific information related to your plan.

Q: When will this service expire?
A: Currently, there is no end date but GasMobile may, at its sole option, suspend or terminate the Gas Alert service at any time.

Q: Does GasMobile offer other types of alerts?
A: GasMobile currently only offers Gas Alerts but does intend to expand to other types of text alerts such as weather, lottery and sports in the near future. In due time, current subscribers of the Gas Alert service will be made aware of the new categories available.

Q: What does your TXT/SMS alert look like?
A: Here is a sample of the alert:
Gas Mobile - Montreal Gas Prices Alerts